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மெய்வழிச்சாலை ஆண்டவர்‌

Meivazhi meaning 'The True Path', is a syncretic monotheistic religion based in Tamil Nadu,India.

It seeks to spread the true purpose of every religion which originated on Earth and preaches the oneness of all religions, thus getting its name.

Its focus is on spiritual enlightenment and conquest of death by attaining Heaven, through the teachings and blessings of its founder and leader, Meivazhi Salai Andavargal  who is believed to be the final incarnation of God expected by all religious holy scriptures, by its followers. It was started in the year 1900.

It has its own set of holy scriptures that runs up to four volumes, along with a unique prayer system and festivals. Although its founder was born in a Muslim family, it draws strongly from Hinduism and preaches the message, “oneness of essence” of all the previous major scriptures like Saivism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, etc..,.

It allows membership irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion, but the only requirement for being a disciple of Meivazhi religion is to be a believer in God.Its official liturgical language is Tamil. It has only one temple all across the world, which is situated at Pudukkottai district Tamil Nadu, named as the Ponnaranga Devalayam.

The religion forbids smoking, alcohol, gambling, and theft, and practices vegetarianism. Its male followers are seen to be often clad in white panchakacham and a pointed turban.

The disciples who had received spiritual blessings directly from Salai Aandavargal, wear saffron clothing and turban along with an upward-pointing crescent moon symbol called as ‘Kilnaamam’

The followers of Meivazhi do not worship any idols, tombs or any materialistic subjects, but they focus on the god within themselves whenever they pray.

The rituals and festivals, which take place near the temple are merely a reminder for its followers to always focus on the god within them and to never forget the god who created them.

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Meivazhi Salai (Tamil: மெய்வழிச் சாலை) is a village in the Illuppur Taluka, Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu, India.It is a small spiritual community.

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Salai GUNAKANNI, D/o Meivazi Subramani AnandarManaging DirectorNo-3-1185, Meivazhisalai,Keelakurichi Post,Iluppur Taluka,Vilathuppatti – 622101,Pudukottai District.

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